Smart Quotations

Producing a good quotation in an instant helpmake a sell

If your customer can easily understand the quote you provided this creates an image of an efficient and organized company. Quotations are also time sensitive, if the customer waits too long it can create a lousy impression on your part that’s why providing a good quotation is a sales man on paper.

Responding to your customers inquiries instantly requires having a standardized price list that is constantly updated. Using Comeleon’s Smart quotation, all you have to do is type in the item and specifications like holes and polishing and the software can do the math and compute the specifics for you. It also automatically applies promos, discounts and special offers you might give to frequent and wholesale clients.

Smart CRM

Customer relations is the bread and butter of a business.

The way you treat your clients is the greatest reflection of your work ethics. It makes or break potential projects and becomes one of the client’s deciding factors when it comes to recommending your business as well as if they should work with you again.

Simply knowing who your clients are shows regard to them, having a Smart CRM function helps you keep a detailed list of information on your past and present customers. Comeleon also ensures the security of these information as access becomes restricted only to those who work within the company.

Product Inventory

You should always know what you sell.

Having an organized master list of your products and services makes business more efficient. Inventory management is an essential part of supply chain management, it helps the business more efficient as it determines availability and quantity. It reduces the cost of having excess inventory thus maximizing sales.

Product Inventory and Smart Quotation also works hand in hand as it updates prices and on hand items thus being able to supply what you quote.

Smart Scheduling

Schedule your installers efficiently

Efficiently deploying logistics secures business consistency when it comes to product or service delivery. Being known as a company that delivers on-time helps create loyal customers and good feedback. Having a systematic day-to-day operation keeps you on track with your business goals and objectives. Gone are the days when you must manage multiple calendars of suppliers manually because Comeleon makes it simpler for you. Comeleon’s smart scheduling makes logistic management easier by letting you regulate up to 8 calendars of installers, technicians or plumbers and combine it in one computer screen. This creates a two-pronged beneficial relationship to your employees and customers. Showing value for quality of work and on-time delivery.

Complete History

In business, past is never just the past. It’s the future

Every quotation or data you input can somehow be advantageous to you at some point in your business. That’s why some companies keep a filing system of documents manually, the problem is it is very time consuming and space consuming.

With complete history, instead of keeping documents in a filing cabinet Comeleonautomates this system and keepall inputted data in one space. Search easily with a few key strokes, reprint an OR/Invoice and retrieve an old quote or view customers payment history or past purchases.

Accounting Tools

Succesful businesses tend to have found a unique way of doing their business efficiently

Accounting software for businesses can be easily found but its almost always too simple or too complicated. Accounting plays a pivotal role in business as this determines your company’s future. That’s why some companies constantly look for a proper accounting system fit for their business.

Comeleon’s Smart accounting tools is tailor fit to glass retailers and plumbing contractors accounting needs. We provide complete accounting modules that is fully integrated to each other which can help youcreate a thorough financial report that shows your company’s performance daily, weekly, monthly and annually.


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